Visual Find References is a Visual Studio extension presents a graphical, additive reference finding experience.

Get the extension from the Visual Studio Marketplace:

Alternatively see the releases on GitHub:

Contributing ✋

Visual Find References isn’t affiliated with any company, so the development is completely open source. As such, the development isn’t guaranteed to be on any particular schedule. Any input from the community is hugely valuable, even if it’s just raising an issue or suggesting a feature. You can get started by visiting the VisualFindReferences GitHub repo.

If you want to go further, and contribute some code to the project, then this guide aims to give an indication of how the Visual Find References extension is engineered and explain some of the decisions.

Guidelines 🚧

Please follow these guidelines:

I am really excited to see what you come up with to take this project forward - so thank you again!

Solution Layout 🗃

** info coming **